Top 6 plugins create weather widget for WordPress

Top 6 plugins create weather widget for WordPress.

If you are intending to integrate weather widget on your blog / website WordPress her to help improve the user experience, then this article is for you! . Here, I’ve searched, selected and create a list that includes the best plugins 6 helps you integrate weather widget on WordPress a simple and fast way. Do not hesitate any more, just following are the top 6 “candidate” brightest.

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1. Powr Weather – Download


Easy to install and use. powr Weather is packed with many very beautiful and eye-catching templates. This plugin allows you to track and display weather information for any geographic location. Whether you choose to free or paid, a plug powr Weather always a great choice with the ability responsive and highly customizable, with good visibility on every device.

2. Awesome Weather Widget – Download


True to its name, Awesome Weather Widget owns several settings and customize, allowing you to freely select. Certainly, it will show up great on any blog / website, even when deployed in the sidebar or footer.

3. Weather Underground – Download


One of the most amazing weather plugin for WordPress . Weather Underground is packed full of features and useful custom. User documentation is available at the page Github project. Weather Underground based on Wunderground API to gather information and then displays forecasts through Weather Channel .

4. Wp-forecast – Download


Wp-forecast collect data from AccuWeather and WeatherBug provides weather forecasts for several days (up to nine days) based on the the user’s location. It also provides real-time information about current weather conditions, including wind speed, humidity and air pressure.

5. Cloudy WP – Download


activity is based on Open Weather Map API WP Cloudy is a flexible plugin with comprehensive customization options and usability Custom Post Types . Weather widget uses positioning technology to track the location to display the latest forecast information relating to around 134,000 visitors from all over the world cities.

6. ICIT Weather Widget – Download


ICIT Weather Widget also pull data from Open Weather Map API . This widget can easily adjust the design to fit your interface. Simple, just drag – drop it into the sidebar, and you have yourself a widget possesses great weather without causing too much damage to the main content on the blog / website.

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Top 6 plugins create weather widget for WordPress
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Top 4 in WordPress plugins create sticky header

Top 4 in WordPress plugins create sticky header.

Sticky header or header “stick” is the header of your blog / website has the ability to slide along the screen when the user scrolls up and down. Other than sticky menu sticky header can include logos, descriptions of the blog / website, menu navigation, the search box, the social networking icon Assembly … Sticky header help the user experience gets better thanks to improved navigation and interaction.

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If you are using WordPress to make the source code for the blog / your website, the creation of a sticky header absolutely not as hard as you holiday. With the help of plugins, you will quickly create yourself an sticky header unique and wonderful. In this article, I will show you the top 4 best plugins to do it.

1. Sticky Header by ThematoSoup – Download


If you’re looking for an easy way to install and configure sticky header to build brand and improved navigation, the Sticky Header by ThematoSoup is a good choice. This is a free plugin, developed to create simplicity in the use.

The main features include:

  • Select logo.
  • Select the main menu.
  • Select the background and font color.
  • Set the maximum width of sticky header.
  • Show sticky header when scrolling down a certain range (pixels).
  • Hide sticky header if smaller screen (in case you want to hide it with mobile phone users).

2. Awesome Sticky Header by DevCanyon – Download


Awesome Sticky Header is a free plugin possesses many complex features. It allows you to tweak sticky header in detail, in many different styles.

The settings include:

  • Orientation header.
  • Set describes blog / website.
  • Transition effects.
  • option is sticky.
  • submenu (supports up to 3 levels).
  • Some kind of logo.
  • menu central location.
  • URL or background wallpaper.
  • font size and color options for all elements included in the header.
  • search box
  • secondary menu

3. Awesome Header – Details


Awesome Header is the premium version (paid) of Awesome Sticky Header . You will actually find interesting here, because it not only can act as a sticky menu you can replace the entire header WordPress with it.

The main features include:

  • The ability to replace the entire WordPress header.
  • Menu 3 levels.
  • 100% response (responsive).
  • Support SEO better Breadcrumb Microdata .
  • Support Breadcrumbs for WooCommerce for bbPress.
  • Options Unlimited colors.
  • background image or pattern.
  • secondary menu.
  • Menu fixed.
  • Support 3 search frames.
  • Set padding for the items on the menu as well as the header.
  • Select the background for the menu item.
  • Set the font size for all elements.
  • Adjust the transparency for the menu and submenu.
  • social network Icon Genericons the screen supports a resolution of Retina .
  • Navigate the labels (labels).

4. Hero Menu – Details


Hero Mega Menu is a plugin to use “super” easy. It uses drag-and-drop interface to create a custom menu design. Structure construction works like the menu WordPress normal. However, it’s more simple drop down menus easily create and edit them to create the mega menu.

Hero Mega Menu ownership of key features such as:

  • Optional transparency.
  • Setting 60 different colors.
  • Responsive design.
  • Support for maps, images, lists, articles and documents
  • Customize the background.
  • 270 ElegantThemes icons.
  • navigation on mobile browsers
  • Sticky menu.

The above is the best 4 plugin helps create sticky header in WordPress . Let us know how you evaluate them using the comments below frame.

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Top 4 in WordPress plugins create sticky header
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Top 6 plugins to create surveys and polls in WordPress

Top 6 plugins to create surveys and polls in WordPress.

If you’re wondering, worried about how to create the survey, poll users on blog / website WordPress his is this article is for you. Here, we have collected and aggregated by 6 plugins help create the survey, poll best WordPress . These include both free and premium plugins, full of styles and genres to choose from.

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1. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings – Download


This is a powerful survey creation process, it’s free, supports 19 different types of questions. You can send an invitation to participate in the survey via email. This plugin supports multiple languages ​​and allows collection reaction of users on all devices.

2. TotalPoll Pro – Details


Optimized for search engines, fully responsive and supports many different forms of surveys, TotalPoll Pro really worthy of the cost that you have put in to head wearer. Hurry to order to enjoy over 30 unique features help create interesting survey for blog / website WordPress of you.

3. Responsive Poll – Details


I really like 7 chart analysis of the survey results is available in plugin Responsive Poll – pie chart, bar charts, pie charts, line charts, radar charts, polarization and bar charts bootstrap process. It certainly makes you excited to see.

4. Yop Polls – Download


yop is a free plugin that lets you create polls and surveys in a simple way. You can easily add them to the article and blog pages on his / her website. You can also copy and edit the previous poll to save time instead of having to create a new one.

5. Polls by OpinionStage – Download


Polls by OpinionStage is a great choice if you want the polls, his survey was widely shared on social networks. You can poll the people through social networking accounts or anonymous they.

6. Poller Master – Details


Poller Master is a comprehensive voting system to blog / website WordPress of you. You can add video, images, audio slide, chart and Google Maps in your poll. In addition, it also can be used to calculate countdown end time poll.

These are the 6 best plugins according to my opinion, are you? You are using the plugin to create the survey, poll on the blog / your website? Please share with us by using the comments below frame.

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Top 6 plugins to create surveys and polls in WordPress
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MyThemeShop Coupon – Price 1 theme only from $ 19, the whole theme is only $ 87

MyThemeShop is one of the suppliers theme / plugin for WordPress large are very popular in the world today. Although only in operation since early 2012, but to date no later than 4 years, MyThemeShop had over 100 themes, plugins 23 and familiar customers to over 350,000 people.

In terms of quality, I evaluated the products of MyThemeShop running very light, beautifully designed, fully support the latest technology. In addition to the theme / plugin premium, MyThemeShop there are many free products use a lot of communities. In addition, the coupon program with attractive deals for customers are also frequently launched MyThemeShop.

WordPress Theme

MyThemeShop currently has 104 WordPress theme, divided into the categories:

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Many of these themes which are of universal application, meaning that a theme can be easily installed makes Blog Theme, eCommerce Theme Magazine Theme or … The whole theme of MyThemeShop support enhanced features basics of WordPress as:

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WordPress Plugin

Not only distinguished WordPress Theme, MyThemeShop also had several popular plugins used, but nearly half of these are free.

The Plugin paid (regular price $ 29) here include:

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  • WP Time To Read
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  • WP Google Translate
  • WP Notification Bar
  • WP Testimonials
  • Subscribe Pro WP
  • WP Review Pro
  • WP Mega Menu

The Free Plugin here include:

  • Launcher
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  • WP shortcode
  • Google Plus Badge Widget

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MyThemeShop Coupon – Price 1 theme only from $ 19, the whole theme is only $ 87
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