TIPS – Guide your website protection from Hacker attacks

No Hacked Google continues to campaign today with some lazy recommend, tips simple little help prevent websites from attack.

Google said that in the last year of hacked websites has increased 180%, and to ensure your website to avoid the attacks that Google has shared 4 TIP helps protect your site from attack as follows:

Small TIP 4 – Guide your website protection from hacker attacks

Protect your passwords

As you know, a strong password is often incorporated letters and special halls, in addition Google to share more of the password length is also a factor to help increase security for your passwords and your password will be more unpredictable. You should also avoid using the same password for multiple services. Avoid companies that you use the services of data loss, the hacked accounts in your other services are also unpredictable.

In addition, Google also recommends that you enable secure authentication 2 layers, which significantly enhances the security of your account.

Update Software

Google said, the use of software that has not been updated a long time when a new version is one of the common reasons that hackers have a chance to take advantage of hacking the website and gain control of your website .

Update errors versions, plugins and add-ons of the CMS as soon as a new version to the hacker did not have a chance to harm your website ginseng. And many sites have been affected:

Hosting Providers

If you are using the hosting of a certain provider, Google encourages you to contact them if they have support as required to deal with the issues related to the site being attacked or not . Most hosting providers are suport

If you manage your server, Google says you should be prepared to deal with any complex security issues that may arise.

Google Services

Google provides a number of services, but the service will notify you if your site is experiencing this problem. The registration of Google Webmaster Tools (Google recently renamed Google Webmaster Tools to Google Webmaster Tools) is one of the most obvious recommendation because it connects directly to Google’s webmaster.

In addition, Google proposed setting up Google Alerts to notify you of suspicious attack for your website.

For example:

If you run a website selling pet accessories is, you can set up an alert for [ dich vu seo] to warn you if the contents of the software hack amazingly cheap arrested to appear on your website “.

TIPS – Guide your website protection from Hacker attacks
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