Top 3 best heat maps plugins for WordPress

Top 3 best heat maps plugins for WordPress.

Heat maps are a sheet understand na “map” showing detailed position on blog / your website and interested users click the most. With heat maps, you can easily increase interoperability, improved user experience and advertising revenue increased on blog / her website. In this article, I will show you the top 3 best plugins help create heat maps on WordPress a simple and fast way.

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1. Hotspots Analytics – Download


Hotspots Analytics is a comprehensive analysis plugins for blog / website WordPress of you. It goes beyond the standard analysis service, including features such as heat maps, tracking user activity and event tracking. You can use it with Google Analytics or used independently. This plugin is the ideal solution to meet the evaluation design (responsive) and the ability to touch (touch).

2. Heatmap for WordPress – Download


Heatmap for WordPress is a free plugin others, providing real-time analysis and tracking click, allows optimizing interoperability blog / your website a good way than. The heat maps are automatically overlaid on the blog / your website. It is fully compatible with touch devices and responsive design. This plugin will not reduce the load time of your blog / website and automatically updated when a new client access.

3. SumoMe Free Tools – Download


SumoMe is a paid service is very popular, but they also offer a free plugin. This plugin is designed to help increase the amount of subscribers to the blog / website by allowing you to fully understand the activities of visitors. Free features include integrated: a building subscribers list allows you to create lightbox popup to encourage registration and a tool of social network sharing unique and convenient. In addition, SumoMe also supports heat maps help track the interaction position mainly by the user.

You are using plugins or service to track the location of a user clicking on a blog / website? Please share it with us using the comments below frame.

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Top 3 best heat maps plugins for WordPress
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