Top 3 plugins for WordPress meme image processing

Top 3 plugins for WordPress meme image processing.

If you are intending to build a meme image processing site (pictured comedy, photo plaque, photos troll), then this article is for you. With WordPress you can do almost everything, including the creation of the site allows users to upload and image processing. Thanks to the support of plugins available, all in a short time, you can create a meme image processing site with unique features and amazing. No more long lines, now here are the top 3 best plugins that can help you do that.

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1. Meme Generator WordPress Plugin


This plugin contains all basic features to create a blog meme processing tools WordPress of you. It allows users to upload their own images or select the images available and then add their own custom text to. Users can move the location of your text frame easily.

Users can download the meme they have generated. They can also post it on your website. Photos will only be shown on the site if it receives the approval of the administrator. The webmasters have full control of the memes are created.

2. Meme Generator WP Goods 


This plugin is designed for the purpose of increasing traffic blog / your website through content created by users. It is very easy to use. After installing and activating the plugin, you just add the shortcode [meme_generator] into the post or anywhere that you want to show tools manufactured meme.

Meme Generator offers the option to preview (preview), custom text and upload photos easily. Users can download or share their memes on the social network. As an administrator, you can also order your own meme mode from WordPress Editor . You will have full control of the meme has been published or not. You can also automatically add watermark to memes easily.

3. Meme Generator – Download


This free plugin allows you to add more functionality to the website created memes WordPress her so quickly. Some notable features of this plugin is: unlimited number of stickers or drawings, to allow insertion of text, preview meme …

It is easy to use. After installing and activating the plugin, you can use the shortcode [meme_generator] to display tool meme wherever you want.

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