Top 5 Google Maps integration plugins for WordPress best

Top 5 Google Maps integration plugins for WordPress best.

In the previous article, I detailed instructions showing you how to insert Google Maps on blog / website WordPress without using use plugins. However, WordPress tips This is only suitable for those you love to explore, research. If you are a busy person, prefer simplicity, why? The answer can not be other than using plugins support. In this article, I will continue to introduce to you the top 5 best plugins to help integrate Google Maps in WordPress a simple and fast way.

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1. Google Maps WD – Download

Google Maps WD is a solution can not be more simple to integrate Google Maps on blog / website WordPress of you quickly. This plugin possesses outstanding features as:

  • Install and use easily.
  • Unlimited number of maps and other types of signs / symbols marked on the map.
  • Over 100 different icons mark.
  • Freely customize colors and styles for the map.
  • Support for positioning, navigation and marking the way.

And many other interesting features. In addition to the free version, Google Maps WD also provides additional premium versions with more advanced features.

2. WP Google Maps – Download


WP Google Maps is a perfect plugin, it’s hard to remove it from our list. It is one of the most powerful plugins (if not the strongest) and is completely free, which helps integrate mapping of Google in blog / your website.

3. Google Maps Bank – Download


Google Maps Bank is a plugin that integrates maps with advanced functionality. It owns a ton of different options and the ability to customize almost unlimited. The admin interface is also arranged very organized and systematic. I even like it more than the plugin WP Google Maps .

4. Simple Google Maps Short Code – Download


Simple Google Maps Short Code is the first plugin in the list towards the amazingly simple. No installation site or any custom maps. All you need to do is insert a shortcode with the structure [pw_map address=”vị trí của bạn”] to the page or article.

5. CP Google Maps – Download


CP Google Maps is a very good and powerful plugin with many functions and help integrate Google Maps on blog / website you perfectly. However, its user interface a bit difficult to use, and you will take a certain amount of time to get acquainted.

6. Maps Marker Pro – Details


Maps Marker Pro is the only premium plugin included in this list, and it’s really quite amazing. Used by more than 62,000 blog / website WordPress this is clearly one of the most popular solutions help integrate Google Maps as well as other kinds of maps on your site you.

You’re using any plugins to integrate Google Maps on the blog / your website? Please share with us using the comments below frame.

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Top 5 Google Maps integration plugins for WordPress best
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