How to use Search Operators Link Building a positive way

How to use Search Operators Link Building a positive way

Every day you knocked on hundreds of keywords on Google. But how much of the content returned really helpful to you?

Of course there will be issues we will find exactly what they need, but sometimes we will find the complete results are not as expected.

This article is all about how to use the operator to search (Search Operators).

But why we use Search Operators?

Because: Using Search Operators can help your job search more effective than 60% (more than 60% you will have the chance to get the desired link)

So let’s start

The search operator is what? A simple search operator is a character or a character string used to obtain search results more specific. There are thousands of operators you can use to improve the efficiency of searches from the search engines on the Internet.

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This article will mention 9 important operator that you can start using today.

important that the operator should be aware linkbuilder (learn more about Link Building terminology)

  1. allinanchor

This operator will give you search results as text that contains the content you are looking

For example, you search with the keyword: “best hotel in Hanoi” to find all results that include “hotels – the best – Hanoi” you can use the operator: allinanchor : the best hotel in Hanoi, it will help you get the results returned most accurate

  1. Allintext

This operator will give you the web page containing the search keyword.

For example, you search: What is link building you will find specific sites that contain “link”, “building” simply type: allintext: what is link building the results returned will surprise you. Kiến Trúc AC đơn vị thiết kế biệt thự cao cấp tại

  1. Allintitle

Similarly Allintext, this operator will provide you with the article titled as the problem you are looking for.

For example, you search for keywords: dog trianing you can find the article titled on “dog” “trianing ” using math mail: allintile: dog trianing it returns search results as the article title contains keywords.

  1. Allinurl

This operator will minimize the returned results to only show results that contain the keyword in the URL of the website

For example, you search: “tạo reviews” if you simply search returns results will very much and will take time to find what you need, but to find keywords in the URL of the site you use the operator: allinurl: tạo Reviews


  1. Intitle

This operator will give you back the results contain a specific part of the search keywords in the article title

For example, you search: link building basic, to ensure not return the results are not basic, you use the operator: link building intitle: base it will return results containing “base” in the title and “link building” is random search as usual.

Note: How to write the intitle without spaces (spaces) between the operator and the keyword

intitle: base : spelling

intitle: base : spelling error

6. Site

operator is used to search for articles from a specific website

For example, if you want to see all of the articles in website, you simply need to use the operator: site: This will restrict the results from Google which show only those articles from

  1. + (now the seal “)

Initially, the + operator is used to find the exact word or phrase limiting the search results are not desired. After 2011, Google has updated the + to sign now to search for a word or an exact phrase, you can simply leave it in the”.

For example, to search for the Guest post (Guest Post) for link building you can use the operator: link building “write for us” . This will result in building-related link with the specific phrase “write for us” appear in the title, appears in the URL, in the description or in any other place on the web. Rotec Viet Nam cung cấp máy ép rác giá rẻ, máy ép thủy lực chính hãng, máy ép bùn băng tải giá tốt xem tại

  1. ~

operator ~ is used when you want to search for words or similar problems, synonymous with the keywords you are looking for.

For example, you are looking for: link buiding guide

You can use the operator ~ link building ~ guide

The search will not pay you for your keyword results “link building guide” that it will return results such as “link building help”, “link building tutorials” , “link building tips” etc …

  1. *

operator * (asterisk) is a little-known operator to use search terms that between the words in the phrase are involved compatible (placeholders ).

For example, you search: Vietnam * country

Google will find the site that contains the phrase that begins with “ Vietnam” followed by other keywords and then the “country” . So the result could look like this:

best Vietnam Country

– Vietnam top country

– Vietnam is my favorite country

etc …

Two suggestions for the use of operators to search for link building

  1. Guest posting will always be the top priority method in link building, it will give you a solid online platform and created trust with customers. To find opportunities to get the Guest posting you can use the operator: write for us guest post, the blog for us, writers needed

For example: intitle: seo “write for us” returns the following results:

  1. Link Roundup (acquirer link)

Link roundup could be very effective if you have some quality information to provide. To find the site as link roundup you can only use the operator: intitle: roundup “…”

For example: intitle: roundup “weight loss tips”

Note: After the search for sites that accept link roundup you can contact them and present them with your content.


– This is how you can use search operators an easy way to find suitable sites for desired even can achieve great links.

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How to use Search Operators Link Building a positive way
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