What should be written in the first post on your website

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Boom era of Information Technology, c basil’re living in the digital era, Route information has been spread out before our eyes. With sharp, intelligent, astute people Vietnam has approached very quickly. So far, the Internet has been in both remote rural areas. We do not need to discuss its impact on the lives of people. Because it represents too clearly in the life around us.

you? As the young generation of the country, the future of the country, I’m sure you have equipped many of knowledge about Information Technology. Want to master “the game”? You want to assert themselves in this field? And you decided to write a Web site, to test myself in a certain field.

Very well, you are very assertive, have “vision” and “bravery”.

At this point we want to make sure that you have learn The process of designing a website SEO standards (Refer to the here ). It is an extremely important step to ensure that your website works most effectively. Should not be overlooked.

OK, finished. You already own a website SEO standards. You started writing the content for it. The first article, referred to as the first bricks laid the foundation for a house. Just that was enough to tell the importance of this article. You have to consider, choices … to your house to where high though always solid.

In this article, we wish to send to you the hint, the experience has gone through. For the first article you achieve the most effective.

If you do not do well, it is likely your website will fail. But if you do well, you have set a solid foundation for success. The goal: Readers must be attached to the back of your website, you’ve read your first post. They exclaimed with friends that your website is wonderful. Many people were not important issues, when they already own website quickly post for a lot, as if to demonstrate that they are on the Internet. That is the wrong action, because readers will never be impressed with your website, and you will lose them forever.

So let’s find out what should be written in the first article.

  1. Please tell us: Who are you? (Who are you?).

You recently joined the online network. No one knows anything about you. If you want to get the trust of readers, want them to come back to you, stay with you longer. You have to let them know who you are. It’s just like real life every day is not it? The first meeting it is necessary to have “introductions”. And to earn the trust, you must sincerely, fully introduced. The first article on the website, too. Let readers know:

– The life experiences that you have experienced is what?

– This Website Is this your first website?

– Are you a pro or not? Or are you just a blogger?

Try to talk much about himself, through which the reader will learn about you, arise intimate feeling and they will trust you more, want to hear what you say. You should also use multiple images in the article to express yourself in a more intuitive. Readers will be interested in learning more about you. Many experts in this field say: Do not just be “the strange man behind the keyboard”. Let readers understand and “see” you.

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In short, the more you provide information about yourself, the more chances you gain the confidence of readers. You have created a good impression right from the start of exposure.

  1. Please tell us: Why do you have this website?

This is an extremely important point. If readers do not know they will not have a reason to trust you. You have to make the audience believe that this website is because they are made. To answer this question, you ask yourself:

– Why do people come to your website again?

– they want to find something in it?

– And what you have available to them?

Tell readers why are you building this website? They will appreciate it and they’ll want to connect with your routine.

  1. Please tell us: You will write something on your website?

It is similar to the question number 2. Once you’ve answered the question number 2, then this question will be easier. Let them see what they are expecting from you. Let them know exactly what they will see when visiting your website. Even better, you can give readers a schedule that will be updated. Credibility to your readers will increase. Do not give what is generic, broadly. Let’s focus on a specific topic. This will also be beneficial for points Domain Authority (article link) and readers will see you as an “expert” on the issue credibility.

  1. You are writing for anyone to read?

In this first article, do not forget to talk about the website’s target audience (target audience).

– Your site may write to any object?

– They look like (ambitious, lazy, busy ron.v.v.).

goal is: You have to let readers see them is welcome, and trust that you understand their problems.

  1. How do readers can participate in your website?

You must tell us this.

– Through Comment (Comment)?

– Guest Posting (reader’s article)?

– method to contact you if readers have any questions, problems questions?

You must let them know that they can reach you if they need to. Also do not avoid the dissent of readers. Sometimes there are people who disagree with you. You need to let them get to share it with you. Otherwise they will not believe you because not the same opinion.

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Therefore you have to do anything to readers that their feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

  1. Specifically target your website to readers.

You should share the goals of the website for readers in the first post.

– What do you want to achieve through this website?

– Short-term objectives in 3-6 months what is your?

Share them with your readers, they will appreciate the transparency and clarity on your website. They will trust you more and more, and want to return to your Web site. At the same time, readers will also arise ideas to help you achieve those goals.


If the first article on your website has all the elements we mentioned above. Be confident that you have a good start.

Please make sure that readers already know you are an honest, passionate and open-minded.

Make them understand that you are here not to cheat, swindle. You are helping them, your presence is their joy.

Hopefully this article will give you the most practical suggestion.

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What should be written in the first post on your website
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