WordPress 4.7 "Vaughan" officially to hand users

WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” to hand the user officially dated 12.6.2016.

So after many days languish waiting, finally WordPress 4.7 Vaughan ” has officially been Automattic to release his hand true. The reason this version is expected so because it has a new feature extremely useful: it allows selection of different languages ​​for admin panel and website interface. That means you can use the web interface Vietnamese, while keeping English WordPress Dashboard for convenience tutorials, tips. It’s great is not it?

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WordPress 4.7 Vaughan ” is named after the American jazz singer Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan

WordPress 4.7 what’s new?

Selecting the language for the site administrator

Unlike the old version, now, each user can select the language in WordPress Dashboard for themselves without fear of affecting the interface language of the blog / website. To set the language of WordPress Dashboard of you, please visit Users => Your Profile => Language => look select your preferred language.

Click on Update Profile to apply the settings.

Interface Twenty Seventeen (2017)

Twenty Seventeen (2017) is a great alternative for Twenty Sixteen (2016) when the old year passes and the coming new year.

Twenty Seventeen focus on the business website with features to customize the home page with many different categories. You can personalize it through widgets, navigation, social networking menu, logo, colors and much more. Twenty Seventeen good support for multiple languages, a variety of devices, multiple screen sizes and user objects.

Here are some of the salient features of this interface:

Configure theme available

Understand a simple way, after installing WordPress 4.7 theme Twenty Seventeen will automatically preconfigured widgets and demo content. You simply edit them to suit the intended use is. This saves you a bit of time if you use the default interface 2017.

Using video on header

Instead of using only the header image as … old. Today, you can use to decorate your video more lively header and outstanding. Unfortunately, this feature is only supported on Twenty Seventeen same limits of other themes.

Quick edit button interface

A very useful feature lets you quickly edit the title, description and interface widgets Twenty Seventeen without having to blindly find the corresponding item in Customize again.

Custom CSS without child theme

Now you do not need to create a child theme and install plugins just to customize the interface CSS anymore because WordPress 4.7 available features Additional CSS .

All you need to do is visit Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS and paste your CSS code on that only. Of course, in case you need additional features to the interface, the create child theme or functions.php file creation still is essential.

thumbnail image for PDF file

In WordPress 4.7 the file PDF that you upload will be automatically generated thumbnail images like usual. This makes it easy to differentiate and manage them in a better way.

Create a new page within the menu

With WordPress 4.7 you can create new pages directly in the management of the menu without having to leave it. After you save the menu, the page will automatically be created and you can edit content in its sole discretion like.

Some other changes

  • Remove and rearrange the location of some of the function keys in the default editor of WordPress .
  • Additional features allow the use of a template for the article.
  • REST API endpoints for posts, comments, term, users, meta and installation.

And many other updates, you can view the full list here .

This morning WP Basic has known full upgrade version 4.7 sites to the latest and not having any problems arise. Have you upgraded yet? What features do you like best WordPress 4.7 ? Please share with us their views and opinions in the framework of your comments below.

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WordPress 4.7 "Vaughan" officially to hand users
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